Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Kal, I’ve read up on your experiences and did some research. It all makes sense.

Oneiros. Or rather, the Oneiric Plane.

In Greek mythology Oneiros was the personification of dream. Within an occult context, in particular with respect to certain ancient Gnostic traditions, there is a place deep within the Astral Plane known as the Oneiric Plane which contains the collective dreams of humanity. Just as the Astral Plane reflects thought-forms and patterns, so to does the Oneiric Plane with respect to dreams and the subconscious. It could be that the Slender One hides there, or at least was born there.

It explains the children. Because they are so young their subconscious is not so repressed and manifests in their active imaginations. It may be that the Slender One is able to follow these children’s “waking dreams” from the Oneiric Plane and into the real world, which explains his affinity with them. Similarly, it may be that he only chases those whose subconscious mind he can penetrate, which is why he only chases those who seek him out or have seen him before.

Oneiros is harder to reach than the Astral Plane. You might not be able to make it there on your own. Call me ASAP. I’ll provide you the details. We might both have to do this. And I’m probably going to need Arkady’s help for part of it.

Love Under Will



  1. Astral Plane, astral plane, yes, always. he was from there once, but then not from there

    flight motion sound thought
    and the tree


    the bleeding tree

    too dangerous stop it

  2. Zero?! Wow, this is...I was not expecting this! What about the tree? Why is it bleeding?