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Of Alchemy and Sigils

I apologize for my inactivity as of late. Surprisingly enough, the Slender One and his minions have actually been out of the picture since Porfiry’s capture and subsequent…well…whatever happened to him. My lack of posting has actually mostly had to do with creating new sigils to replace the highly variable and mostly untested “Operator Symbol.” Over-reliance on anything whose true effects are unknown is a mark of…well…under less difficult circumstances I’d say “stupidity,” but I don’t consider the people who use it to be “stupid.” Many of the blogs I’ve read have some rather intelligent people. I think there is a tendency to rely on the Operator Symbol because it is familiar, something to draw comfort from and give the hunted a sense of protection. But it’s simply too variable to rely upon. Too many questions, too many contradicting accounts. Seems to be a common theme running through these stories.

Thus, I decided to make my own sigil. It’s been a full week long adventure trying to figure out how to start and where to go from there. But the fruits of my labor have, I believe, born something that is certainly worth testing. I’ve decided to chronicle the thought process involved, mostly as a point of reference for myself in case this turns out to fail and I manage to survive. Hopefully this will not be the case.

The first issue is what kind of sigil I wanted to design. Though the Ars Goetia seemed the obvious choice at first given how I first came into contact with the Slender One. But I had relied on the Operator Symbol during that particular encounter so I cannot say for certain the Ars Goetia was directly responsible for his summoning. What I am sure of is that the Goetic Circle had some sort of effect, since in my first interaction with him he never appeared fully. I have some faith in the Ars Goetia, enough that I’ve invoked a Goetic demon to keep watch on my apartment, but whether or not the Slender One is a Goetic demon of some sort I cannot say. It would stand to reason given Tulpa Theory that he is, but then again that is about as valid an interpretation as the Slender One being an alien. So trying to recreate him in a Goetic sigil is too likely to be a waste of time.

I had considered looking into Austin Osman Spare and his Alphabet Of Desire to create a sigil, but as much respect as I have for the man I simply don’t buy into a lot of what he taught. The conscious mind, in my opinion, is hardly strong enough by itself to generate the sort of change the Zos Kia Kultus believed was possible. I’ve seen too many smart but weak-minded people break under the strain of practicing magick. While I did a cursory reading of a few of his texts (including the titular Zos Kia Kultus), I decided against using it.

Unsure where to go, I started re-reading some of my Crowley books. Perhaps it was a stroke of fate or good fortune, but when I had read through my third book and found myself exhausted and out of ideas, I decided to consult the Tarot. Yes, yes, I know its tainted with all that new-age non-sense, but believe it or not before it became the art of charlatans it was used a lot by Crowley, who invented the Thoth deck that many erroneously use nowadays, and actually had a use beyond pretending to see into the near future. In fact the Tarot is better used as a tool for divining the magickal currents in one’s own life and more how the currents of the universe were changing, and how the True Self was moving along its path.

The stroke of good fortune had less to do with the cards, however, and more to do with a book. Crowley’s “The Book of Thoth” contained information on how to properly use the Tarot, so I decided to crack open my ebook version of it. And that’s when I feel upon a passage which dealt with alchemy and its relevance within the Tarot. This in turn gave me a brilliant idea. I decided I was going to create an alchemical blueprint of the Slender One. If I could determine his alchemical composition based on what I knew, I could possibly use hexagrammic wards to bind individual components of his existence.

Crowley wrote that the ancients believed all existence to be conceived of the three pure elements. These were Fire, Air, and Water. These were not literal elements, but rather forces whose properties symbolized the basic characteristics of all matter. The alchemists of old (whose studies are more relevant to my own), likewise had a similar theory which dealt with three primary elements or forces. Sulphur corresponded with fire and represented Activity, Energy, and Desire. Mercury/Quicksilver corresponded with water and represented fluidity, intelligence, and transmission. Salt was considered “the vehicle of these two forms of energy, but itself possesses qualities which react on them.” Fire, air, and water would crystallize into a fourth element, earth, and together form of a Triangle pointed down with a single pendant hanging from its bottom point, representing the Earth fusion of all 3 points into one force.

So from here I formed a basic triangle shape with a pendent using the alchemical symbols, replacing Earth (the catalyst or combination forces) with the alchemical symbol for salt. I also utilized the Tau cross to represent the connection between Salt the element and Earth. It was the basic triangular format for all matter.

From this basic blue print I had to apply what I knew about the Slender One. For starters, his time signature was different. He is known to be capable of moving outside of normal space/time, which led me to look closer at the relationships between compounds. The interaction of Sulphur and Mercury (activity vs transition) would naturally lead to the formation of a salt component, but only when included with a Saturn solution (time). In other words, the salt component should, theoretically, be a function of transition and activity via time, right?

Salt = Mercury + Sulphur
Where "+" = Saturn
Salt = Mercury (Saturn) Sulphur

Except in this case, there seems to be inconsistency between transition and activity. Saturn only appears occasionally, and doesn't seem to be a function of the interaction between Sulphur or Mercury.

Salt = Mercury & Sulphur

This probably seems somewhat nonsensical, but all this really says is that the Slender One's ability to transition (Mercury) or provide motion (Sulphur) combined together (Salt) does not seem to be reliant on the presence of time (Saturn). Really, saying

Salt = Mercury & Sulphur + (Saturn?)

Is about as sensical as having a space/time bending tentacled childnapper.

At first I ran with the theory that his activity/transmission interaction happened parallel to the Saturn current, so that his presence in our own space/time dimension was an echo of occurrences within his own separate dimension, like it's own system in chemistry/physics. Formulaically,

Slender Salt = Mercury + Sulphur
Salt = Mercury + Sulphur + Saturn

Which can be simplified to

Mercury + Sulphur + Saturn = Salt =|=Slender Salt = Sulphur + Mercury

Where the symbol "=|=" represents a balance between both systems.

But even if his existence within our own space/time dimension were illusory, he would have had to intersect with our own from time to time to interact with the Hunted. And for him to intelligently affect the Hunted, he would have to have precognition of our own actions in order to sync his echoes with the Saturn currents to even touch the Hunted. It may be possible if he were to study us long enough to guess our patterns, which would mean he could refine his interactions with our space/time dimension the more he dealt with the Hunted until he could sync his echoes with our dimension to finally hone in on the kill.

This did have the added benefit of explaining part of why electronic equipment and such malfunctioned around him. If his echoes disrupted the normal space/time continuum it may be partly because he does so like a new kind of wave, which could very well cause interference with other kinds of waves (light, electromagnetic, etc). So his physical component is an element of his echoes outside this dimension forming waves within our own dimension, which manifest in a variety of different spectra (light waves of different wavelengths corresponding to different colors and thus manifesting as his appearance). But it also carried the horrifying implication that he could manifest in different places at once. His echoes could reflect multiple times across the current at once, meaning he could appear in different places at the same time, or even worse multiple times at the same place.

This could balance our previous equation a little bit better with alternative phenomenon. In his own dimension, the Slender One could have a different substance to travel through rather than Saturn, whose echo can be felt on our side of the equation as new phenomenon.

Mercury + Sulphur + Saturn = Salt =|= Slender Salt = Sulphur + Mercury + Substance X

The problem, however, is that there doesn't seem to be an equilibrium in the interaction between systems. He effectively injects himself and his substances into our dimension, including this Substance X representing interference. He does not remove anything from our own system, however, in order to do this. Furthermore, the Slender One is drawn to those who seek him out, and is not a phenomenon which involves itself upon uninterested parties. Children are the exception, certainly, but nothing about the way they interact with space/time would suggest that they are capable of something adults are not. He clearly enjoys tormenting adults even if he hungers for children. It makes his limitation to those involved in the mythos seem counter-intuitive to his actions.

I did decide to put that idea to the side as “possible, but highly unlikely.” The more I questioned it, the more complex that format seemed to become. So instead I decided to try a different approach and see if it made more sense. The following is more or less the papers I worked on demonstrating the development of the sigil. I used alchemical notation for Mercury and Sulphur, a pendant/triangle formation as described in the Book of Thoth, and then the astrological symbol for Saturn which is often used in alchemy. I then created two bindings, a general Tetragrammaton and one which utilizes the Key of the Abyss:

Please note: The Hexagrams drawn around the alchemical symbols (whose meanings can be found in Liber 777) are drawn in a particular fashion. The direction of strokes and order of triangles fits with the corrosponding alchemical substance's Hexagrammic Banishing Ward written of in the Hexagrammic Banishing Ritual, which can be found in Crowley's "Liber O vel Manus et Sagitae," a copy of which can be found here:

The next theory of mine seemed more sensible. It could be that the Slender One was composed of a completely different alchemical substance. I considered the idea that his Sulphur and Mercury components may both be fused under a different sort of substance, one with characteristics of both. His transition is a part of his activity. Because of this, his interaction with space/time (Saturn) would have to be different because it wasn’t a catalyst between Sulphur and Mercury. Rather, it could be a byproduct, that by mutating his activity he creates a Saturn component which inserts itself in the space/time continuum, thus making him highly malleable in terms of activity and in terms of space/time. This time rather than using the triangular format I merged the Mercury/Sulphur/Earthen Tau Cross symbol in a triangular wheel and from it I placed the Saturn sigil. I placed this sigil within the Tetragrammaton and bound it with a Saturnian Hexagrammic ward. If he has his own Saturnian signature merging with our own space/time, then it could be possible to seal his specific Saturnian signature in space/time:

And the thought process which accompanied it:

I found this theory to be more consistent behaviorally, because it made the Slender One capable of interacting with the Hunted more simplified manner (Occam’s Razor). But one major problem was that his activity and desire would have to constantly be in transmission for the two substances to be the same. While his activity component did change to some extent, there were also constants in his behavior which suggest some differentiation between the Sulphur and Mercurial components.

From the blogs, the general picture I formed was that his desires were the same. Children, torment, mortal followers…these were all constant. It was how he went about achieving these goals that changed. Which led me to my final adjustment. I realized that even if his goals could not be understood, the Slender One kept them constant. His interactions with the world, and how to achieve these goals, were very Mercurial. This led me to believe that the Sulphur element of his existence was in fact dominant, giving it more prominence. Running perpendicular to this is an interaction between Mercury and Salt, representing the constantly transitional nature of his physical existence.

His Saturn component then is not running parallel to our own space/time, but rather a byproduct of his ever-changing physical nature. And because of this, his location in space time is malleable as it is formed from his Mercurial transitional element and his physical Salt component, since his space time component represents his physical nature constantly in transition directed by his Sulphuric energy component. Though it does not explain why the Slender One need be summoned by the awareness of others, it is at least independent of this phenomenon. It could simply be that he is immediately aware of others being aware of him. Possibly even that he is not at all aware of those who do not know of him. It's worth looking into, but at least we have a basic blueprint to start with.

Giving me this completed sigil bound within the Tetragrammaton:

And now all that remains is to test my theory.

As always...a disclaimer?

Disclaimer: The above work is the product of Setoth, writer of the online magickal diary-turned-Slender One journal Vox93. This work is purely theoretical in nature and is based of the aforementioned author's understanding, interpretation, and experience with the so called "Slender Man Phenomenon" and the works and writings of Aleister Crowley. It is completely untested. Use at your own risk. Should anyone choose to use his works, Setoth is not liable or responsible for any damages incurred by those incorporating these sigils into their fight against Slender Man, including death, dismemberment, organ-rearrangement, or the death/dismemberment/organ-rearrangement of friends and family. This is true regardless of the Sigil's correct usage or misusage.

For best effect, it is recommended that users of these sigils read:
Liber O vel Manus et Sagitae
The Book of Thoth
Liber ABA
Message of Master Therion
Corrospondent sigils can be found in Crowley's Liber 777

And of course, The Book of the Law (Liber Al Vel Legis). It is the Law of the New Aeon, after all.

Love Under Will


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