Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weird Metal

I dunno why, but I'm really tired and not in the mood to sleep. So instead I traversed through youtube listening to some fucking bizarre music.

Started here.

Got to here.

Detoured to here...

Picked up this little gem.

Then went here.

Went back and found this again.

And then I found Avent-garde Jazz Metal. I fuckin' dig this shit.

At some point in time, I found this. I have no fucking clue what hole I crawled into, but man do they have some great drugs here.

And now I'm tired and I can't take any more of this.

Oh, fine. I'll include one last gem. The best band I found today.

Have fun.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nippon Banzai!

Been listening to a LOT of Japanese music lately. Visual Kei in particular, it's just such a crazy-weird scene, but lots of fun and full of unique characters.

Moi Dix Mois is my personal favorite.

It's a project started by Mana-sama, who was originally a part of my second favorite Japanese band, Malice Mizer...

alongside Gackt.

Then there's Versailles.

Who at least temporarily had the bassist from Matenrou Opera join after Jasmine Yu died.

And then there's Deluhi.

Just a few of my favorites.

As always, Love Under Will


Monday, January 3, 2011


London After Midnight brings out the romance in me. It's tragic. As a concept, as an idea, romance is such a beautiful thing. People get lost in a storm of meaningless events every day, and in that endless sea of life's surprises the only thing that could possibly connect with you and understand you is another human being. To think that there's someone else out there enduring that same rain that falls on your shoulders is...comforting. What a shame that, in its execution, it is so prone to failure. People are people. We are who and what we are, so in the end that romance is nothing more than a fanciful dream. How sad.

But what do you expect? The whole of human existence is complex. Many human beings experience a crucial event in their lives where words, colors, symbols, or gestures are simply inadequate when describing their impact upon the mind and soul. Every passing second our existences become more defined. But not all moments are created equal. Those crossroads, those moments of supreme satisfaction or agony, can destroy the foundations of our world and shake our very souls in a way no musical note or picture could ever hope to achieve. How could letters on a page or words from our lips ever capture what made these moments special? How do we convey these moments to one another in a way that can truly get other people to understand us? Spoken love is a travesty. If love exists, it must be unspoken. You cannot truly love someone unless you've heard everything they have to say before they say it.

I wonder if such a thing exists? I want to believe it does, but just the same I find myself short on faith.

I should probably stop listening to London After Midnight now. I'll give myself a headache if I dwell on this any longer. Fans of Goth, specifically Fields of the Nephilim, should check out NFD. It's mostly ex-members of FotN. Sounds a bit like the older stuff but with a harsher edge. I'm a fan of all FotN music, even the new stuff, but I won't deny the old stuff is the best and that NFD is better than new Fields of the Nephilim, so support and buy an album if you can.